After one week in black trousers and white shirts my year 10 students had quite different views on wearing uniforms for school. This is what they said:

2022 05 E Uniform

Bild: Tenth graders in school uniform – an experiment

I’d love to have a school uniform because it means less stress in the morning - no searching for proper clothes in your wardrobe.

School uniforms suck because everybody looks the same.

A dress code gives a strong feeling of community.

A dress code often supports old-fashioned gendering.

School uniforms are fantastic as nobody is bullied because of the way being dressed.

I am glad we haven’t got a dress code: All pupils look the same, so you can’t see everyone’s uniqueness.

I am pretty happy that I don’t have to wear a school uniform, but enjoyed the experiment quite a lot.

I am glad I don’t have to obey any dress code as I like to express myself freely choosing clothing, jewellery or hairstyle individually.

I think school uniforms are conservative.

I wish we would wear school uniforms in class one more time!

I’d like to experience wearing a school uniform not just for a week, but a month!

I felt more structured.

School uniforms would be nice as nobody can get judged by their clothing – rich or poor.

Wearing the same clothes made us feel as a unit.

I don’t care what to wear.

School uniforms at Lady Manners Bakewell exchange school in GB 1

Bild 2: School uniforms at Lady Manners, Bakewell, exchange school in GB

10 c, Julika Helms